Ebel was founded in La Chaux-de-Fonds, by Swiss industrialist and watchmaker Eugene Blum and his wife Alice Levy. The brand was named after the initials of: Eugene Blum et Levy (1912). In a period where pocket watches were the traditional timepiece, EBEL took an innovative approach and launches the first EBEL wristwatch (1914). From the very beginning, Alice Lèvy leads EBEL into the universe of Haute Joaillerie. In 1935 EBEL wins the Gold medal at the National Exhibition in Bern, Switzerland for a patented EBEL ring watch with hidden time-setting and lever escapement within the movement. EBEL becomes the first Swiss watchmaker to introduce the “Western Electric” precision and quality control standards in1935. The Western Electric System is later replaced with the Vibrograph which accurately measures and tests a movement’s rating precision. In the period 1939-1945 EBEL was the watch brand utilized by the Royal Air Force (British Army). Ebel’s watch series are: Wave, Onde, X-1, Classic, Belugia, Sport, Brasilia & 100. The company’s famous slogan is: Ebel, the Architects of Time.