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Shipping & payment methods, product returns and guarantee
Please read the following information that answers the most frequent questions regarding order shipping & payment methods, product returns and guarantee
Shipping & Payment methods
Product Returns & Guarantee
Order & Transaction Safety

Useful information about ordering, available shipping & payment options, product returns and guarantee

Available payment methods

For your convenience, our company offers the following payment methods:

Cash-on delivery
at no additional charge.

Credit card payments
with the security system E-Commerce of Eurobank. Thus, during the purchase process by credit card, the customer is automatically transferred to a secure server to the service Cardlink Payment Getway. All information transmitted electronically from the customer (credit card information) to the service and the transfer of the Bank to Visa or Mastercard, are covered by the encryption algorithm SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 128-bit Veri Sign, the safest cypher existing today worldwide. In this case, information of your credit card is not stored, only used during control and the billing. So the transactions you make with with credit card are completely safe.


Bank deposit
If you wish to make a payment through bank deposit/wire transfer, please make a payment to the following account:

EUROBANK: 0026.0004.52.0201041272
ΙΒΑΝ: GR4102600040000520201041272
Account holder: Α. PRINTEZIS & CO Ltd

NOTICE: After deposit please inform us by phone or email at sending us the transaction receipt for confirmation.

Available shipping methods

Express Delivery with Speedex Courier
All orders are shipped the next working day, as long as they are available in our stores. In case there is a shortage of a product, the delivery time will be increased in 3-5 working days. If there is a longer delay we will contact you and inform you about the exact time of delivery. The delivery and cash-on-delivery service are FREE for all purchases.

Product returns

You have the right to return products purchased and ask for their replacement if the following conditions are met:

  1. In all cases where a demonstrable fault of, are sold the wrong products or products of poor quality (wrong in taking the order, the pricing, its delivery, damaged during transport, poor packaging, etc.).
  2. In all cases where there was a problem / real defect in the product (function or quality) that the product guarantee covers, when the product is covered by manufacturer guarantee.

In all the above cases, the customer has the choice of either not to accept receipt of the product or, after receiving it, return the product within 20 days from the day of delivery.

In each case the products must be returned in perfect condition, in the state received from the client, complete and without damage and the packaging of the product is that which normally accompanies the product and is in excellent condition. If not returned within 20 days then the store cannot accept any refund or replacement. In any case, for all the above cases the maximum time for replacement back may not extend beyond twenty (20) calendar days of receipt. Furthermore, and for all cases, the product for replacement must necessarily be accompanied by all documents related to the product (Invoice, Retail receipt etc.). Before any return, it is suggested that you contact us to settle the arrangements.

Products guarantee

Guarantee is provided on all new products and in all cases where there was a problem / real defect in the product (function or quality) that the product warranty covers when the product covered by manufacturer warranty.

Customer Satisfaction & Support

For our company, the view and our customers’ suggestions for products, our online store and our services are taken into account and are valuable for our development and improvement. The goal of our company is the immediate and orderly settlement of any complaint case, therefore, do not hesitate to contact us.

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